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Christy's Christmas

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

I LOVE Christmas!!! It is my favorite holiday of the year (Except my birthday of course). Traditions and moments created through the Christmas Holidays stay with you as you grow up and have families of your own. When I was little, my mom used to decorate the day after Thanksgiving and leave it until the day after New Years. We would wake up to mom cooking the turkey that she had started at 4 am. We would read the Christmas story then open gifts. Then the rest of the day would be celebrated by eating and watching old movies and musicals and the best Christmas movie of all is "White Christmas". Those were our traditions and were my traditions until I met my husband. His girls never had a "Christy Christmas" so I had to loop them in. Now, we decorate starting the day after halloween...LOL. Christmas tree always goes up first.....then the other decorations can slowly be put up. We started having a Christmas cookie baking day and as of last year, no matter where we go on Christmas Eve....I cook Christmas dinner and have the kids over for our family Christmas dinner.

Christmas will always be my favorite time of year. Its the time where no matter what happens in life or with people....the music, the decorations and all the cheer just make it a happier moment for most.

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