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DCFS Dedication

I continue to be amazed at the dedication on these social workers and their partners in all areas of DCFS. I have been extremely lucky to have some amazing people working with me. I will be honest, 9 years ago my first experience and impression of DCFS was a rough one. We went through worker after worker and nothing was smooth. My second time was a 180 degree change. Even with the covid lockdown and all the visits that still needed maintained, my worker was and continues to be amazing. On top of that, you can tell if they really care about the child they are given to guard or if its just a job. My worker is a gift from God. She cares about the little angel she was given to watch over and shares her care and love with the siblings. Now THAT is amazing. And now, my third time around, I have to say I am still impressed with how things just fall in to place. One of my fears of continuing to foster is dealing with the system, the challenges, the workers and all the appointments, but so far they have proved my fears wrong. If you are a social worker and you come across this, I want to say Stay Strong...because I do not think I could be in your shoes, Stay Aware and Kind....because foster parents like us have a lot on our plates too and its better to work hand in hand....and THANK YOU for being in this field of work. You guys have a challenge every day all day that most people couldn't even imagine handling. I ask that each and every one of you are watched over and guided as you extend the same to these children no matter the age.

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