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Fostering challenges

Not many know this but we have recently taken in another child to foster. Friend to the family who was in dire need of a happy, safe, loving home. No, our home is not by any means perfect but loving and keeping our kids safe is our high priority. This little girl is such.a sweetheart and given the life she has lived in her 6 years of existence, she has adapted very well. The challenges have been Of course nothing we cannot handle but nonetheless things that some parents do not realize is a true reality when bringing kids in your home. As most people know, we have two foster children who are considered our children. We have had them since they were newborn and they are not going anywhere! The adoptions will hopefully be completed soon. But this is our first child of age the we have taken in, so watching the children try and adjust and watching my hubby adjust has been interesting to me. Of course for me, there are more challenges...dealing with the system again, visits, appointments and what not but most of all trying to make sure the this little girl fits in. A major plus on our side is that our children have known this sweet girl for a few years so she isn't a stranger to them, but to their home life and routine, this is all new. However, they have handled it so well and I couldn't be more proud. My husband has taken a huge turn in this adjustment. I have seen him grow as a disciplinarian and is a rock for this little one. I will be honest, he had a hard time. He has always been on the defensive with his current children, no matter who crossed their path so I saw it here too. On top of that, he wanted to make sure so badly that she had the stability she needed. He has always been the "good guy" for our children so it was a bit difficult for me to see him this way. But in the end it was what she needed. She loves him so much and wants him to be proud of her. Of course she does the same for me, but when she arrived, although she knew him for years, she was somewhat scared. Given her experience its expected but through all of his methods, this little one has opened herself up to be more adaptable to her surroundings. We have rules and we have routine and we have our little ones do what they can on their own. This was tough for her to catch on at first but man, the transformation she has made in 1/2 a month is amazing. She is and always will be family to us no matter what path we will be taking. Of course, being foster parents, we always hope that she can reunite with her family and we know that it may happen, but we also know that sometimes that is not a possibility so until we reach the next bridge, we will be her parents and she will always know that "we have rules but she is always safe".

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