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Sickness Sorrows

It has been a tough couple weeks in this household. First one kid gets sick and then it's like dominoes. Everyone slowly fell down with something soon after, including myself and my hubby. But the worst part is our 8 year old got Covid. For some reason I always thought the kids wouldn't be affected by it. I always worried about the adults in the family, but yeah, it happened. He has had mild symptoms, but I think the hardest part is having an 8 year old sitting in their room alone. Granted at first it was a vacation for Play his game all day, sleep, eat and play again, but for someone who is used to being around other kids and having the siblings bothering him, he is definitely wishing for that now.

Luckily the girls are getting better, I am on the mend going through the phases of the flu and hubby is pushing through his cold. Life goes on every day of course but a break from sickness would be so nice right now. I am definitely sick and tired of being sick and tired!

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