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Some days are a struggle

So I started this blog a while ago to be an outlet to help others, to speak out and to share my ideas and suggestions. I put it on a hold for a while because of course what I wanted to speak about...LIFE...kind of took over for a while. The biggest thing that happened for me was my struggle with anxiety. Going back on my medication, which is a need not a want, helped me so much and things looked up for me. My relationships were better, fewer moments of feeling overwhelmed and drained...I just felt happy and no matter how busy I was, I went with the flow. And now, the multi headed monster has crept its way back in. Of course, I think I know what I should do and I push all the feelings aside to keep the smile on my face and my frustrations low but they tend to get the better of me. Reaching out for help is not an easy thing for me. I am so used to being on help mode for everyone else that I feel in this case its just better if I handle it. However, in this case, I have tried to reach out for help. I have tried to explain that I am overwhelmed and drained and so tired that I need a break. I try to worry about my health and I try to worry about my looks and sometimes, those things do not mean much to me. Those days are the hardest to get out of and sometimes not thinking is the best move. I continue to try and reach out but how can I expect help when I cannot explain what it is that is truly bothering me. And that is the hard part about anxiety and depression. No matter how much you try to explain it or tell people what you need, the most likely response is "you will get through this, you are strong. Just hang in there" but what those people do not realize is at that moment the "hope" of feeling strong and getting through it is so not in sight and "hanging in there" is something you have been doing and now you feel you just want to fall because you dont have a grip on things anymore. So for those who feel they cannot get anywhere with there struggle, what kind of hope are we expected to have?

Some quotes from some people I found...

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